De-Clutter and Organize Your Home in 7 Days – Day 2: Throw Away Trash

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Day 2: Throw Away Trash

The first step to eliminating clutter from your space is to throw away trash. Refer to the list you made on day one and get busy. Be realistic about what is useful and what isn’t. Move beyond the obvious and purge trash from closets, cupboards, dressers. Days two, three and four will be spent getting rid of those articles that are eating up valuable space. Remember to pay special attention to the areas you’ve tentatively selected as permanent storage spots for the things you set goals to organize.

There’s probably a lot of hidden trash in your home that you don’t think about.

  • Paperwork is a prime culprit. Sort through warranties, user’s manuals, old credit card bills, bank statements, etc. Get rid of anything that’s not current. Don’t store boxes of papers that are taking up space you could be using to store things you actually want and use, like your hypothetical craft supplies.
  • Don’t keep old magazines or newspapers. They’re junk.
  • Sort clothing. Get rid of shirts that are missing buttons, hopelessly wrinkled pants that you mean to iron some day but never will, old socks with holes taking up space in dresser drawers, and smelly old shoes that were once your favorites but which you haven’t worn in six years.
  • Toiletries and medications that are expired or no good have to go.
  • Get rid of expired foods in the pantry.
  • Old electronics have no value. Get rid of them.
  • Broken vacuum cleaners or blenders or toasters are things you’ll never get fixed. Toss ‘em.

Be ruthless. Dive into closets and corners. Refer back to the goals you set on day one and think about the space you will need to free up to make them happen. When you eliminate space wasters you make room for the things you want to keep.

Look for trash that’s right in front of you. Objects that are too worn to donate or give away are trash. Don’t hang onto things for sentimental reasons. If it’s not useful, it’s dead weight.

Don’t keep meaningless knickknacks or things someone gave you years ago just because you’ve had them for a long time. If the item has no purpose, no value to you, and you don’t have the space, get rid of it.

Don’t keep two dozen plastic food storage containers that you don’t use because they might come in handy some day. They won’t. Recycle them.

Sort through hobby supplies and discard things that you will not realistically use.

Look in the basement, attic, and garage for anything that can be tossed. You need the space. Keep repeating this phrase.

By the end of day two, you should have nothing left in your home that is trash. You should have freed up some space and eliminated some clutter.

You should feel proud of yourself and a little bit freer and lighter. You’ve eliminated some dead weight. Good job!

Tomorrow, Day 3: Sell Stuff

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