De-Clutter and Organize Your Home in 7 Days – Day 4: Give Stuff Away

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You’re now in the home stretch of your purge. This is when you get to have a little fun by giving stuff away. Refer to the list you made on day one of the items you no longer use that can be donated to charity or given to friends or family.

Give Stuff Away Online

How to go about this day of giving? One option: take pictures of your stuff and post them to your friends on Facebook with the caption “Free Stuff!” Or place an ad on Craigslist if you don’t care where the stuff goes. If you have particular friends or family in mind for specific objects, hand deliver the goods and have a nice visit while you’re there.

Give Stuff to Local Charities

Many local charities are looking for stuff in good condition. Some of these groups don’t exactly put up billboards soliciting donations, but if you ask around you’ll find some very worthy causes that can put your old things to good use. Some ideas:

  • Churches and other non-profit groups often operate thrift stores or distribute used clothing and household goods to families in need.
  • Local veterans assistance centers sometimes look for household goods.
  • Animal shelters sometimes need old towels, bedding, and dishes.
  • Homeless shelters almost always need household items and clothing.
  • Many areas have one or more community action groups that specifically take donations of clothing and household goods to pass along to those who need a helping hand.

To take a charitable tax deduction for your donations, write up a list of the items you’re donating along with their estimated value, and your charity will stamp or sign it as a receipt.

Some charitable groups will come and collect donations from you but most of the time you’ll have to take the stuff to a donation center during certain hours. Check ahead of time to be sure someone will be there to take your stuff. You don’t want to show up with a van load of donations only to find the doors locked.

Giving Stuff Away is a Win-Win

It’s fun to give stuff away if you think about what a win-win deal it is. You get to free up your valuable space and someone else gets some things they want or need. Sometimes you’re helping people more than you could imagine. And sometimes you can pass things on to friends or relatives, and then every time they use whatever you gave them they’ll think of what a great person you are.

At the end of day four, you have completed your purge. You should now have left only the possessions you want to keep. You’re getting closer to achieving your goals. Good work!

Next up, Day Five: Sort, Group, Organize, Plan.

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