De-Clutter and Organize Your Home in 7 Days – Day 6: Prepare Your Spaces

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Today you will set up the framework for organizing your stuff. Your objective is to get your storage system in place so that on day seven you can arrange the things that have to be stored in the areas you’ve selected to store them. On day five you made a solid plan. Today you begin to implement it.

If you have the necessary supplies around the house, today is the day to rearrange things so that you end up with whatever you need in the places you want it.

If you don’t have what you need on hand, it’s time to take a field trip to the home improvement or furniture store. If you need to go shopping, you should have a good grasp on what you have to get. You’ll be purchasing whatever supplies you don’t have on hand.

As you plotted out your storage needs on day five, you made a list or two. Refer to your list(s) as you go along. If you’re rearranging furniture or other stuff around the house, your list will help you keep track of what’s going where. If things get confusing or if you have multiple sets of helping hands, a master control list will be a very handy reference tool.

If you’re shopping, a list will help you to make sure you get everything in one trip. If you’re still trying to figure out exactly what you need, take a picture or make a list of the things that you have to organize so you have a handy reference in the store.

Whether your organizational system is composed of things you already have or new items that you purchase, keep in mind that storage methods are highly individual. The system that works for you may totally baffle your neighbor. Some people like to have everything in plain sight. Some people like drawers, or shelves, or cabinets, or plastic tubs, or racks, or baskets. I gave you some pointers on day five, but if you’re still stumped, look online for ideas. Or ask for help at the store.

The most important thing is that your system of organization makes sense to you and works for you. Your system needs to one that you will use consistently so that you don’t end up with a clutter problem all over again.

At the end of day six you should have your storage framework fully designed and installed. So, going back to the hypothetical goals from day one, this is what it would look like:

  • Your crafty corner storage system is all set up and ready for you to arrange your crafting supplies. You elected to repurpose a set of shelves and a cabinet that were in the spare bedroom that’s being converted into a home office. You also bought some storage trays with dividers to help keep track of small items and some baskets for larger things.
  • Your home office is assembled and ready. You were able to give new life to a nice old wooden desk that had been buried in junk, and therefore unusable, until your de-cluttering project. You purchased a filing cabinet and some file folders and on day seven, when you organize, you’re going to put them to use.
  • You set up an area for the kids’ toys with brand new, still-in-the-package shelving units you forgot you had, which you unearthed from behind a pile of clutter during your purge, and some shallow bins that you bought at the home improvement store. The bins will fit onto the shelves and will make storing and retrieving toys quick and easy.
  • Your shoe storage issue required multiple storage solutions. You picked up shoe racks for each family member to keep in individual closets to eliminate some of the shoe clutter throughout the house. Additionally, your purge cleared out space in the coat closet by the door so you were able to set up a newly purchased shoe-storage caddy in the closet for additional storage.

Are you excited yet? You should be because you’re almost done with your project. You ought to be able to visualize the results at this point. Day seven is right around the corner. Finally you’ll be organized!

Next Up – Day 7: Organize

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