The 7 Day Deep Clean Challenge: Bring Your Home Up to Par in a Week, Day 4 Bedrooms from Top to Bottom

Deep cleaning your bedrooms is a great opportunity to target accumulated dust under beds and on window treatments, as well as behind furniture.

To Begin

To begin, temporarily remove any lightweight objects like lamps or knickknacks to make it easier to move furniture around without fear of breaking anything.

Any small area rugs should be removed and washed or shaken outside and left to air.

This is a good time to wash or air textiles like bed skirts, duvet covers, bedspreads, decorative pillow shams, etc. Do this now if you’re electing to take this step.


Start from the Top Down

Start cleaning from the ceiling down, dusting away cobwebs and dust on ceiling fans, ceilings, light fixtures, and walls. Use a dusting tool or a dust mop.

Pictures, wall art, wall hangings, or anything else on the walls should be cleaned or dusted.

Vacuum or dust louvered doors, ridged doors, door frames, window frames, shutters. Work your way downward, dusting any chair rails, baseboards, and baseboard heaters. Vacuum or dust air vent covers.

Clean Woodwork

Spot clean walls, door frames, woodwork.

Move furniture around as necessary and if possible, to get to all the walls and other surfaces that need to be dusted.

Take the opportunity to vacuum or clean areas of floors which are normally underneath furniture and not easily accessible. If furniture can’t be moved, try to get under and behind it as much as possible using a dust mop, broom, or your vacuum cleaner.

lamp shades


Dust or vacuum lampshades and window treatments.

Dust furniture and begin re-assembling your room, dusting objects before replacing them.


Thoroughly vacuum upholstered furniture. Vacuum your mattresses and flip them over.

Wash the floor, if necessary.

Replace throw rugs and any textiles that you washed or aired.

Smell the clean air. Good job!

Tomorrow: Bathrooms.

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