Quick Checklist for Cleaning Your Kitchen

This cut-to-the-chase post contains a quick checklist for cleaning your kitchen. It’s easy to understand and easy to follow. So get busy!

photo of a kitchen sink
Photo by Kelly Lacy on Pexels.com

To Begin

  • remove scatter rugs and wash
  • dust ceiling, walls, and corners for cobwebs
  • dust light fixtures
  • dust window treatments, window grates, window sills
  • dust chair rails, wall hangings, baseboards, baseboard heaters

Spot Clean These Areas

  • spot clean walls, door frames, switch plates
  • clean doorknobs
  • dust panels on doors
  • clean entry door glass
  • clean table and chairs, pay special attention to any sticky areas
  • spot clean cupboard doors and drawer fronts


  • clean appliance fronts, paying special attention to keypads and handles
  • clean inside microwave
  • clean inside refrigerator
  • clean stove
  • clean oven


  • clean and disinfect countertops
  • clean backsplash
  • clean countertop appliances
  • clean sinks

Rotate Food

  • clean food spills in cupboards
  • discard spoiled or expired food
  • bring older but not expired food to the front of cupboards


  • remove trash
  • clean trash container
  • clean floor
  • replace rugs

That’s it! Not every task on the list needs to be done every time you clean. Rotate things like cleaning out the refrigerator or cleaning the oven. Tackling one such chore each time you clean ensures that all areas get cleaned from time to time, which means your kitchen will always be in good shape.

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