Is Spring Cleaning Necessary?

Ah spring! Finally, it’s time to open the windows and let the fresh air inside. For many energetic individuals, it’s time to get busy sprucing up our homes. Others wonder: is spring cleaning necessary?

We all have our own cleaning style. Factors to take into account: frequency, thoroughness, and attitude. Some people tolerate more dirt and disorder than others. Some clean so thoroughly each and every week that dirt never gets the chance to take root. Others clean up every day, and their homes are at all times seemingly immaculate.

What is Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning can mean many different things, depending on your specific needs and desires. Any home can benefit from periodically tackling the tasks that don’t get regular attention.

That’s all spring cleaning really amounts to: putting in the time to do the jobs that don’t usually get done. These tasks will vary by individual.

Vacuuming under beds or cleaning out closets aren’t the only possibilities. Curtains or blinds or ceiling fan blades might be begging to be dusted. Look around your home with a critical eye for ideas. We often overlook things we see every day.

Windows get dirty over time. Fingerprints accumulate on switch plates. Drips and spills are almost inevitable on kitchen cabinet doors. Light fixtures get dusty and wall hangings sprout cobwebs.

At a Minimum, Clean the Kitchen

Maybe you don’t really care about aesthetics. At a minimum, don’t overlook the areas that affect your health and well-being. Kitchen countertops/food prep areas are classic examples. Food storage areas should be cleaned out from time to time. Bathrooms need cleaning at least once in a while.

Spring cleaning can be done at any time of the year; it’s not limited to spring. Is it necessary? Well, it is necessary (from time to time) to tackle the tasks that don’t always get done. How and when is a personal choice. Spring is simply a good excuse to get motivated and get busy.

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