Microfiber: Miracle or Mistake?

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Photo by Kelly L on Pexels.com

Microfiber has become the wonder product of our time when it comes to house cleaning supplies. Microfiber cleaning cloths, mops, and dusters are all the rage. It can’t be argued that microfiber has benefits when it comes to house cleaning. It’s got many wonderous qualities.

But I urge you to weigh the pros and cons carefully, and consider whether microfiber is a miracle or mistake when it comes to your choice of house cleaning products.

Microfiber is not Earth-Friendly

There, I said it. Regardless of the claims made by companies peddling microfiber cleaning products, these wonder rags are not Earth-friendly. Quite the contrary in fact.

Like any of the many synthetic products we consume, microfiber’s manufacture is harmful to our environment. Synthetic fabrics are petroleum-based, and the process of their creation contributes to the pollution of our planet.

Microfiber is Not Bio-Degradable

What happens to microfiber when it wears out? It becomes just more plastic waste. Microfiber can’t be composted or even safely incinerated. Those old microfiber cloths and mops and dusting tools that are no longer useful have no residual value. Their composition makes them just more waste that will live forever.

Microfibers Shed

Microfiber sheds tiny fibers each time it’s washed. These tiny fibers find their way into the Earth’s watershed. Which in turn means that microfibers are finding their way into the food chain. This amounts to nothing more or less than additional plastic pollution, only this time on a microscopic level.

Recycled Rags versus Shiny and New

Cleaning rags made out of old cotton t-shirts aren’t as glamorous as shiny, new color-coded microfibers cleaning cloths. But they give new life to materials that have outlived their original intended purpose. This is recycling at its best!

More Mistake Than Miracle

Microfiber cleaning cloths are convenient. But are they a good choice? Like the many disposable cleaning products available today, microfiber only further contributes to the massive pollution problem plaguing our planet.

In the long term, using alternative products, such as cotton rags or natural sponges, will leave less of an impact on the planet. If we care about the generations of tomorrow, these alternatives will go much further to guarantee their future health and happiness.

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