Perks of Self-Employment as a Housekeeper

Self-employment isn’t for everyone. Having to take total responsibility for getting the job done calls for self-discipline, ingenuity, and a strong work ethic. Anyone who is in possession of the aforementioned traits who also has excellent house cleaning skills may be an excellent candidate for becoming a house cleaner. For those of you who might be interested, I present the perks of self-employment as a housekeeper.

Self-employment in and of itself can be a tough row to hoe. Depending on the nature of the business one chooses to enter, the hours may be long, assurance of work spotty, and overhead high. House cleaning, fortunately, doesn’t fall prey to any of these drawbacks.

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Housekeepers are in High Demand

Self-employed housekeepers are generally in high demand. Not many people can tolerate cleaning homes day in and day out. So if you’re one of the lucky people who doesn’t mind cleaning, or even – gasp! – enjoys cleaning – you can pretty much write your own ticket should you elect to turn your aptitude into a career.

Set Your Own Hours

What this means is that you can work as much or a little as you like, and you can decide what hours to make your services available. The hours may be long, but only if you so choose.

Plenty of Work

If you’re any good at cleaning, you won’t have any trouble finding work. Your clients will tell their friends about you, and then those people will tell their friends, and so on until you’re turning down job offers.

Low Overhead

The best part of this scenario is that even if you begin to clean houses as a job and then discover that it’s not your cup of tea, you haven’t invested anything other than your time. There are virtually no overhead costs related to self-employment as a housekeeper.

Nice Paycheck

On the other hand, you may soon find that you enjoy the excellent paycheck every week. This is another perk. Housekeepers are well paid for their trouble.

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Grateful Clients

You may also enjoy the immense gratitude afforded you by satisfied clients. This is another wonderful perk. Seeing the joy of people coming home to a clean, sweet-smelling space is deeply gratifying. Clients are always glad when their housekeeper arrives and are ever-so-appreciative of the work she does.

Flexible Schedule

Schedule flexibility is another benefit that many housekeepers quickly learn to love. Taking a vacation isn’t an issue that needs the approval of four different supervisors. Simply let clients know a week or two in advance, and off you go!

Need to be somewhere for an appointment? No big deal. Again, just let clients know that you have to re-arrange your schedule and be done with it. No bosses giving you a hard time.

Control over Clients and Places

Along the same lines, you get to decide who to work for and where to work. If you find that a client rubs you the wrong way, or vice-versa, you can cut your losses and move on. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. You’re never stuck having to suck it up and deal with a boss you cannot stand the sight of.

And if you discover that the commute to a client’s home isn’t worth the trouble, it’s easy to set them loose and forget about it. It’s never necessary to continue to travel to a locale that takes you through the most heavily-traveled section of town just to earn a buck or two.

No Need to Dress Up

Also not necessary: a fancy wardrobe. There’s no need to buy expensive clothes or worry about makeup or having the latest hairdo. Getting out of the house in the morning doesn’t have to be a big deal. Simply hop out of bed, throw on some clothes, run a comb through your hair, and go. Doesn’t that sound easier than spending two hours fussing over your appearance?

Lots of Exercise

Another great perk is the daily workout. When you work as a housekeeper, you’re on your feet most of the day, which means you get to exercise all day long. Bending and stretching and walking are part of your daily routine, and you get paid to do it! You will soon find that you’re easily walking 10,000 plus steps each day.

Clients are Nice People

The nicest perk of self-employment as a housekeeper is that you will meet many lovely people. Most clients are real sweethearts. Many will come to regard you as a friend, or even as a member of the family. And at the end of the day, who can turn their nose up at that?

Working independently as a housekeeper isn’t for everyone. It takes a special kind of person with a set of unique traits to do the job and do it well. If you’re one of those people in possessions of the abilities to make it work and the drive to succeed, you’re in an excellent position to cash in on these many perks of self-employment as a housekeeper.

Want more organizing and house cleaning tips and ideas? Check out my author page. My books include De-Clutter and Organize Your Home in 7 Simple Steps, Clean Like A Pro: Tips and Techniques for Cleaning Your Home Like a Seasoned Professional, and How to Become a Cleaning Pro: the Ultimate Guide to Starting and Operating Your Own House Cleaning Service.

10 Things Your Cleaning Lady Will Never Tell You

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Do you ever wonder what your cleaning lady secretly thinks about your home? Sure, she’s always pleasant and upbeat when she talks to you, but does she silently seethe about having to clean your bathroom? Read on to discover ten things your cleaning lady thinks but will never tell you.

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Your Vacuum Cleaner Sucks

Poorly performing equipment makes for a poor result, which means your house isn’t getting as clean as it could be. For instance, if your vacuum cleaner doesn’t function well, dirt and debris will be left behind. If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t suck, the job it does will.

Likewise, old, worn out mops, brooms, brushes, sponges, and the like don’t perform well. And cheap (poorly made) cleaning supplies are just as bad; they break easily and produce poor results.

If you go to the expense of hiring someone to clean your home, go the rest of the way by supplying supplies that perform with the same efficiency that you expect from your house cleaner.

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Your Home is Too Cluttered

Clutter impairs house cleaning. Maybe you’re indifferent to the mountains of junk mail and magazines overtaking countertops, but your cleaning lady isn’t.

It’s impossible to properly clean kitchen counters covered in stuff or remove dust from surfaces buried in objects. Vacuuming and sweeping and mopping cannot be effectively accomplished in areas where floors are inaccessible.

Reducing clutter makes it possible to clean a home properly. Plus, clutter-free spaces actually look clean after your house cleaner has visited.

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Your Bathroom Is Disgusting

The bathroom is the one room in the house that requires constant attention. Soap scum and other nasties build up quickly if they’re not dealt with on a regular basis. No one wants to spend an hour and half scrubbing an inch of accumulated crud off your shower walls, even if you’re paying them to do so. And that gross stuff in the toilet bowl? Forget about it. Nobody wants to look at that, much less clean it.

Using a squeegee in the shower after each use all but eliminates soap scum buildup. A toilet brush isn’t difficult to use. If your house cleaner only comes once a month, take measures to ensure that your bathroom gets the attention it needs in between. The bottom line: don’t expect others to clean up filthy messes you wouldn’t touch.

She Can’t Read Your Mind

If you’ve got specific ideas about what you’d like to have incorporated into your home’s cleaning regimen, your house cleaner needs to be clued in to this information. For example, if it’s important to you that upholstery be vacuumed or window grates get dusted, communicating these expectations to your cleaning lady will ensure that the job gets done.

Many little details comprise a house cleaning routine, and one person’s idea of what it means to clean a house will never be identical to the next person’s. Your house cleaner can’t customize your house cleaning routine to suit your needs unless you let her know your preferences.

Your Problems Aren’t Her Problems

Your cleaning lady works for many people besides you, all of whom have issues that arise from time to time. Sometimes these situations create the need to reschedule or cancel house cleaning appointments; the unexpected is an inevitable part of life.

However, regularly asking your house cleaner to reschedule appointments is not fair to her or the other people for whom she works. It’s simply not realistic to expect others to repeatedly rearrange their schedules to accommodate your life.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to stick to a regular schedule due to extenuating circumstances, be up front about it. Your house cleaner might be glad to keep you on standby to fill in the gaps when regulars occasionally cancel or go on vacation.

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She’s Not Your Dog Walker

Pet care and house cleaning are two completely different jobs. Unless prearranged, walking your dog doesn’t fall under the “house cleaner” umbrella. Asking your cleaning lady to potty your pet is actually forcing her to take responsibility for your pet’s well being, which is more than she signed on for. Think about what would happen if Fido ran off or got hurt.

Plus, pet care takes time away from the job you hired your house cleaner to do: clean your house. If Fido needs to go out, hire a dog walker.

She’s Not Your Personal Shopper

If you don’t have time to pick up cleaning supplies, why would you assume that your cleaning lady does? Chances are she’s just as busy as you. She’s also got fifteen houses besides yours to think about. Write it down and pick up what you need when you’re buying bread and milk.

Your Chitchat is Distracting

Your house cleaner wants to be friendly, but not necessarily your best friend. Casual conversation as she comes or goes is nice. Following her around and filling her in on the details of your Cousin Erin’s dermatological problems is distracting. Don’t take advantage of having a captive audience; the job will suffer for it.

Your Prompt Payment is Not only Appreciated but Expected

Unless prior arrangements have been made, payment is expected at the time service is provided. Forgetting to leave payment once in a while is forgivable human error. Repeatedly stiffing the cleaning lady is just tacky. If you can’t afford the service, don’t sign on for it.

Your Courtesy is Valued

The true barometer of a person’s character is how they treat others. Your house cleaner remembers which clients treat her respectfully, and which ones don’t. Diplomacy and courtesy go a long way toward establishing a good rapport, which is a highly desirable situation when it comes to your relationship with someone who works in your home.

Having an open line of communication that flows in both directions is the best way to ensure that both you and your cleaning lady get what you need from your affiliation. After all, that’s the point of the whole arrangement, isn’t it? You want your house cleaned, and your cleaning lady needs to earn a living. So why not make sure she has what she needs to provide you with what you hired her to do? It’s a win-win.

Want more organizing and house cleaning tips and ideas? Check out my author page. My books include De-Clutter and Organize Your Home in 7 Simple Steps, Clean Like A Pro: Tips and Techniques for Cleaning Your Home Like a Seasoned Professional, and How to Become a Cleaning Pro: the Ultimate Guide to Starting and Operating Your Own House Cleaning Service.